Chail - Best Place in Himachal Pradesh To Enjoy Snowfall

by Ishan Thakur

Posted on September 25, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Chail in Winters

If you want to escape the foggy weather of plains and enjoy snowfall somewhere calm in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, then Chail is the right place for you and your family.

Cool and clean air of the mountains will refresh your mood. Thick forest cover, calm relaxing atmosphere and pollution less environment, Chail is a perfect place to relax and flush out your body toxins. Chail has a vast forest cover mainly consisting of deodar, oak and pine trees. You will start experiencing the soothing cool environment as soon as you are about to reach Chail. There are two best time frames to visit Chail. One is during spring time between the months of March to June and second is during winters between the months of December to February. If you are visiting Chail in summers or spring time you will be delighted on seeing the different wild flowers blooming all over the mountains and if you are lucky enough you might also see red Rhododendron flowers everywhere. But if you want to enjoy the snowfall then pack your bags for Chail in winters.

A view of Chail

One way to reach Chail is by road. You can hire a taxi from Chandigarh or Delhi and start your journey straight away. Chail is approx. 110 Km from Chandigarh and normally takes 3 to 4 hours to reach and from Delhi its approx. 340 Km taking 7 to 8 hours to reach. But currently the four lane project work of Shimla Chandigarh Expressway is on progress so, you might get a bit delayed. But as soon as you reach Kandaghat you will be on a different road. Chail is only 30 Km from Kandaghat and it will take you an hour to reach. You might like to halt at Sadhupul and enjoy fun activities over there.

Oh ! wait there is one more option to make your journey more entertaining. You can enjoy world famous toy train ride from Kalka to Kandaghat. This ride will surely add a lot of fun to your trip. You will be crossing several bridges, tunnels, and many charming stations in this 59 Km long ride to Kandaghat. Nearest railway station to Chail is Kandaghat and from Kandaghat you have to take the same 30 Km long road trip to Chail. If you want to make it by air then the nearest airport is 63 Km away at Jubbarhati in Shimla. From there also you will have to hire a taxi to Chail.

A view of Chail

Coming back to snowfall, if you want to catch a glimpse of nature's magic show then plan your trip according to the weather conditions and keep yourself up to date with google weather reports. Do book your hotels in advance and also be prepared to hike a little if your ride gets stuck somewhere in snow. I bet you are going to enjoy that a lot. You will love to live the mountain life for 2-3 days. You will enjoy sunbaths in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. If you just want to play with snow and make snowman then you can plan your trip one day after the snowfall.

Markets and the local shops might be closed during snowfall so grab all necessary goods and eatables before reaching Chail. Book your hotel nearest to your extraction point so that if by chance you get stuck over there due to heavy snowfall then you can walk a little distance and reach to the point where transport is available. But don't worry about that local people of Chail are very helpful. You will get all the desired help you need.

Things to do in Chail:

  • Visit Kali Tibba & Sidh Mandir: Kali Tibba is located at top of a hill. With amazing scenery you will never get tired of taking photographs over there.

  • Visit Chail Cricket Ground: Situated at an elevation of 2,144 m, its the world's highest cricket ground. Currently it is used as school playground for the Chail Military School.

  • Trek Chail Sanctuary: Chail is covered with thick forest cover. With the help of local personnel you can explore the jungle and grasslands of Chail.

  • Adventure Activities: There are number of treks and many hotels also offer adventure activities for extra fun. So, never miss an opportunity.

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